If you’re requesting a Label for your product please include the following:

Size & Shape

There are many sizes and shapes. Here’s a common list of shapes:

  • Circle

  • Oval

  • Rectangular

  • Square

  • Triangular

Brand assets

Any asset that you might want in your labels, such as logos, imagery or any other file should be included.

Product information

What’s the name of your product? Include a brief description of it and who’s the product for.

Company information

What industry does your company operate in? Include a website if you have one.


If your brand already has a style of its own we recommend that you request that your label follows your brand style. If you have a preference in terms of style, please make sure to include it.


Please include the exact content that you’d like to see on your label, usually, you should include: the name of the product, bar codes, UPC codes, and anything else that should be there.

Things to avoid

Your recommendations of things we should not do.

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