Before requesting a Brochure consider include the following with your request:

Type of brochure

  • Half-fold (4 sides)

  • Tri-fold (6 sides)

  • Gate-fold (3 sides)

  • Other

Size of your brochure

  • Letter

  • A4

  • A3

  • Other (specify)

Brand assets

Any asset that you might want in your brochures, such as logos, imagery or any other file should be included.


If your brand already has a style of its own we recommend that you request that your brochure follows your brand style. If you have a preference in terms of style, please make sure to include it.


Please specify the content for each side of your brochure, it can be in the following way:

Side 1: Content

Side 2: Content

Side 3: Content

Things to Avoid

Your recommendations of things we should not do.

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