If you require a business card please remember to include with your request the following:

Brand assets

Any asset that you might want in your business card, such as logos, imagery or any other file should be included.


The standard dimensions for a business card is 3.5″ x 2″. Most printers require a bleed area, of around 1/8 inch, if you do require bleed, let us know, a simple “include bleed” should do it. If you’re not sure, we will include it as default.


If your brand already has a style of its own we recommend that you request that your business card follows your brand style. If you have a preference in terms of style, please make sure to include it.


Business cards can be vertical or horizontal. Most people prefer horizontal. Please include with your request what orientation it should be.


Business cards should be an easy way to reach you or your business, as such we recommend to always include the following:

  • Logo

  • Name and job title

  • Telephone

  • Cellphone

  • E-mail

  • Website

  • Social Networks

  • Address (if necessary)

Different business cards with the same design but different content for partners and employees ?

Make sure to include their information too.

Things to avoid

Your recommendations of things we should not do.

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