Blog images can be used to enhance blog posts. There are many types of blog images that you can request, such as:

  • Quotes from your blog post

  • Quotes from an authority figure

  • Illustrations that makes the topic or point of the paragraph more visually appealing

  • Stock image that illustrates your topic

You should consider telling us what’s your objective with the image and what do you have in mind, also include:

Brand assets:

Any asset that you might want in your blog image(s), such as logos, imagery or any other file should be included.


There’s no standard size as blog themes vary a lot. Include a size that would fit your theme best. If you don’t know the size of this feel free to include your blog URL and we will do our best to figure out what would work best for you.


As we explained earlier, there are many types of blog images, but really, your imagination is the limit. Please provide all the content that you’d like to see there. So if it’s a quote, for example, include the full quote and who it should be attributed to.


Your blog uses a theme, this theme should be the basis for the style of your blog images, if you have any recommendations or preferences that you’d like to see, please include those as well.

Things to avoid

Your recommendations of things we should not do.

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